• Chambers Island Nature Preserve

    Chambers Island Nature Preserve

    Creating a Door County Land Trust 1,000-acre nature preserve

  • Protecting our forests

    Protecting our forests

    Preserve a natural area for our children, our environment, and our education

  • Preserving crucial habitat

    Preserving crucial habitat

    Many birds, plants, and insects rely on Chambers Island for survival, including several rare plant and animal species

  • Supporting rare ecologies before they disappear

    Supporting rare ecologies before they disappear

    Several unique and rare natural communities are still thriving on Chambers Island...for now

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Chambers Island has always meant forests.


Hidden from the shore and the beaches, three thousand wooded acres and wetlands have existed for millennia. To safeguard the natural character of this extraordinary place, the Chambers Island community turned to the Door County Land Trust. Together they are seizing the opportunity to preserve these forests and save them from development, zoning re-evaluation and subdivision, which could mean loss of a pristine natural area forever.

Realizing the dream...

In just 2 ½ years after the Chambers Island Nature Preserve’s official start, 168 private individuals and foundations and governmental agencies have helped

  • Preserve almost 700 acres of forest land by early next year.
  • Save more than a mile of Lake Mackaysee shoreline, which means less pressure on such a small but precious asset.
  • Collect more than $1.6 million in private donations/pledges, and acquire another $1.2 million in state and federal matching funds.
  • Conduct summer exploration hikes/talks. We are all just beginning to appreciate the more than 170 bird species and the 350 plant species on Chambers - several of which are rare or threatened.
  • Preserve the only muskeg found in the islands of Green Bay and the Grand Traverse Island Chain.
  • Fight invasive species like Phragmites, garlic mustard and gypsy moths.

But we have a new challenge in getting to the finish line.

  • The Chambers Island Nature Preserve is no longer eligible for matching funds from the Wisconsin Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund, which now prioritizes land near population centers for recreational purposes.
  • The Door County Land Trust team is seeking other possible public funding to preserve/restore Great Lakes wetlands to help make up for the loss of state funds. We are identifying foundations unrelated to Chambers but supporting conservation that may help us.
  • And we need continued help from all of you!

To read more, see the Fall 2017 Update

What used to sound like an impossible dream is now becoming a reality because of so many people working together. Thank you for making sure one more paradise in Door County will be preserved for the ages. You make us Chambers Proud.

The Door County Land Trust and Chambers Island Nature Preserve Committee are moving quickly to:

  • Assemble the remaining needed funds and land. Read more
  • Develop together a long-term sustainable forest management plan.
  • Protect and promote a better understanding of Chambers’ biodiversity and its role in the Great Lakes ecosystem. Learn more

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Posted on Oct 26, 2017
Debbie Feirer leads grant-writing effort for DCLT to receive Cellcom donation to eradicate invasives on Chambers.

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